A correction from Andersen

PDM mixed up Andersen and Accenture in our piece last month. Michel Meyer puts us right.

In our piece last month on the Andersen Intranet we misreported the ramifications of the Arthur Andersen - Accenture separation. Andersen consultant Michel Meyer put us right. “Many thanks for the copy of your newsletter you sent me. However, I must remind you that Arthur Andersen has not disappeared and has not become Accenture. Andersen Consulting (a former service line of Arthur Andersen) had to change its name after the split with us. They decide to call themselves ‘Accenture’ and are going to the market place with this brand. But Arthur Andersen is still alive. Therefore, as you spontaneously did with the title of your article ‘Andersen’s Knowledge Space’, we are simplifying our name and are now just ‘Andersen.’ Best regards, Michel.” More from www.andersen.com.

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