Cray T3E seismic processing

Alliant Geophysical is tuning its 3D Wave software for use on the Cray T3E supercomputer.

Alliant Geophysical and Cray Inc. are collaborating to tune Alliant’s 3D WAVE prestack depth migration (PSDM) software for the Cray T3E supercomputer. Alliant’s software uses the finite difference method, a more accurate, but also more computationally intensive technique than Kirchhoff migration.


Initial porting is complete and optimization work will be complete by year-end. As part of the collaboration agreement, Cray has delivered a Cray T3E system to Alliant for the company’s use in this commercial effort.


Alliant Geophysical president Craig Limbaugh said, “The Cray T3E system is the ideal platform for our leading edge prestack imaging solutions.”


Cray’s petroleum industry boss George Stephenson, added “Several parties have been trying to do 3D PSDM using a finite difference approach, with only nominal success. This is a demanding application, and the Cray T3E system offers the scalability and efficiency for such large workloads.”

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