BP spectral decompositon for Landmark

Landmark and BP are to cooperate on the development of ‘next-generation’ seismic reservoir imaging software incorporating BP’s Spectral Decomposition technology.

BP has selected Landmark to deploy its spectral decomposition (SD) technology. SD is claimed to aid in the imaging and mapping of bed thickness and geologic discontinuities. Short-window spectra localize thin bed reflections and bed thickness variability, to reveal ‘subtle discontinuities.’ SD will be jointly developed by BP and Landmark.


BP Upstream VP Ian Vann said, “Spectral Decomposition is being used globally in BP to enhance our ability to image reservoirs. Our strategy is to focus on important developments internally and to enlist the help of key partners to enhance these products.”


Greg Partyka, BP geoscientist and co-inventor of the patented technology added “Spectral Decomposition represents much more than another seismic attribute, but rather it is a new way to interpret seismic data.” SeisWorks and EarthCube will now offer SD with direct access to OpenWorks data.

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