Mexican Petroleum Institute selects GXT

The Mexican Institute of Petroleum has selected GX Technology as technology partner. GXT will provide seismic imaging and other services.

The Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo, (IMP) the Mexican government agency that provides R&D and services to state oil company Pemex, has entered into a strategic alliance with GX Technology (GXT). The alliance will jointly develop and apply leading-edge upstream technologies to ‘reduce the risk and associated cost of oil and gas exploration and production in Mexico.’


Dr. Gustavo A. Chapela Castañares, General Director of the IMP said “Following a review of seismic contractors, we selected GX Technology to form this strategic alliance because of the quality of their advanced imaging technology and services, their experience, and their hardware and software resources. We believe that the combination of GX Technology’s advanced imaging technologies and services with IMP’s broad-based E&P solutions and experience will significantly reduce E&P risk in Mexico.”


GXT president and COO Mick Lambert said, “By sharing technology, expertise and logistics, we will work together to meet the Mexican government’s goal of improving its technology and practices in E&P.” Services to be supplied under the agreement include seismic imaging, potential field methods, reservoir geology, engineering and simulation.

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