New data acquisition and control software

A new software development company Raywave Inc. has developed a ‘universal’ front end for data acquisition and control (DAC) of real time field acquisition systems.

A new company, Raywave claims to have developed new technologies that “reduce development costs, time to market, and long-term operating costs of its oil and gas clients.” Raywave’s RIO is decribed as “the industry’s most advanced real-time data acquisition and process control system.”


RIO provides next generation solutions from the enterprise management level right down to the plant floor or production level. RIO has been successfully implemented in organizations ranging from $20 million oil field instrumentation companies to the world’s largest oil field service companies. Raywave claims to be the “world’s first universal real-time system usable with all data acquisition and control (DAC) systems.


Rio is built on DAC technology from Hades Inc. Hades is a real-time system that offers dynamic data acquisition, storage, interpolation, process control, data visualization and reporting from over 80% of the world’s industrial electronic devices, sensors, and instrumentation. Hades extends data acquisition and process control technologies improving reliability, precision and functionality.


Hades provides tools for analysis and real-time prediction, resulting in ‘cost-savings, more intelligent operations, reduced time-to-market, and increased human safety.’ Raywave personnel include IT professionals, Engineers, Technical Writers, and Physicists working with Java, SQL, C, C++, and XML. More from

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