Math Cube manipulates seismic volumes

Schlumberger software unit GeoQuest has released MathCube, a seismic volume calculation utility that leverages the OpenSpirit platform for heterogeneous data access.

Seismic interpretation is going far beyond what can be represented even on a 3 dimensional view. AVO, attributes and 4D time lapse data mean that the interpreter is faced with the problem of analyzing a multi-dimensional info-space. Often such analysis is achieved by combining parameters through ad-hoc mathematical manipulations.


Schlumberger’s new tool MathCube addresses this problem by providing tools for manipulating multi-attribute 3D, 4D and 4C seismic data. MathCube provides tools to calculate and visualize the differences between AVO and 4D/4C seismic data volumes. Large seismic data volumes can be analyzed utilizing a range of mathematical and logical operators.

Open Spirit

MathCube offers access to 3D seismic data from multiple sources, including GeoQuest GeoFrame and Landmark OpenWorks project databases through the ‘vendor-neutral’ OpenSpirit platform.


Geoquest VP Colin Hulme said “MathCube is our second stand-alone application based on the OpenSpirit platform. Through our strong commitment to OpenSpirit, we are bringing productivity-enhancing applications, such as MathCube, to the market faster. E&P companies now have best-in-process software combined with database independence that fit seamlessly into their workflows.” MathCube lets users process AVO and 4D/4C data in-house allowing interpreters to perform unlimited ‘what-if’ scenarios.

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