Winds 3.0 from Petris-GeoNet

Petris has released a new version of its Winds Enterprise data integration technology. A patent application has been made in respect of the method.

Petris Technology has announced the release of Winds Enterprise 3.0. The latest version has improved performance, a new adapter to Geoplus’ Petra interpretation package, a Well Log Viewer function and a unique, three pane graphic user interface.


Winds Enterprise is a web-based data management application for the oil and gas industry. Multiple data types can be accessed, viewed and transferred securely between applications. The technology was co-developed with Anadarko and a joint patent application has been made in respect of the Winds Dynamic Common Model (DCM).


The Winds DCM facilitates the exchange of data between disparate data models without a requirement for any standard or fixed model. The new Petra adapter allows for the seamless transfer of data between multiple packages.


Petris VP Jeff Pferd said, “These recent enhancements make Winds Enterprise more robust and a very practical data management and integration framework.”


In a separate announcement, Petris and International Datashare Corporation (IDC) have announced plans to develop an adapter for multiple data sources in Canada including data from IDC, IHS Energy Canada and International Petrodata Ltd.

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