GeoQuest takes on DAEX

Schlumberger Information Systems has acquired Oilfield Systems DAEX technology from the liquidator. The well data exchange framework will link Schlumberger’s systems with other vendor environments.

Schlumberger Oil & Gas Information Solutions (SIS) has acquired DAEX Data Exchange from the now defunct Oilfield Systems.


SIS VP Ihab Toma said, “A solid data transfer framework helps operating companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. DAEX will help us exploit existing data links, and allow us to continue to offer the broadest data integration solutions in E&P.”


DAEX solves ‘real-world’ data transfer problems and provides a framework for the transfer of data between application databases. The modular software can be configured for a company’s specific workflow and data transfer needs, to link data stores such as GeoFrame, OpenWorks, GeoLog and Recall.


DAEX also provides data transfer between OpenSpirit-enabled application databases. “The combination of all these technologies offers comprehensive coverage within a consistent framework and affordable maintenance cost.” said Toma.

Comment - With DAEX, Geoshare and Open Spirit, Schlumberger has an impressive complement of data exchange technologies to play with. Too many? Perhaps, but the game here is catering to the installed base of each of these technologies. In fact by supporting all this low added-value infrastructure, Schlumberger demonstrates both its commitment to the industry, and a belief that inter-operability is good for everyone.

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