EDS hosts UpstreamInfo

EDS is providing technology to offer UpstreamInfo’s client a “seamless flow of mission critical information.”

UpstreamInfo, along with investment partner EDS are going live with a hosted service to deliver “comprehensive, timely, mission-critical information” to oil company decision makers. EDS will host the new production centers, established to support Upstream-Info’s Asset Management Solutions.


UpstreamInfo president and CEO Glenn Breed said, “Our solutions and team combined with EDS’ talent enable petroleum companies to manage assets more effectively.” EDS claims to have pioneered the information technology-hosting model nearly 40 years ago, and today serves the world’s leading companies and governments in 55 countries.


EDS US operations president Charles Ansley added, “It is our goal to offer upstream players a seamless flow of secure, meaningful, mission-critical information. Information sharing gives life and success to individual businesses and joint ventures.” Chevron Corp. is the first industry partner and ‘anchor tenant’ of UpstreamInfo.

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