Landmark, Badleys pursue Open Journal

Landmark’s software development and marketing agreement with Badley Earth Sciences is to continue through 2005.

Landmark and Badley Earth Science have signed a 5 year agreement for the continued development and integration of OpenJournal with Landmark’s E&P software suite.

Knowledge capture

OpenJournal has become the solution of choice for many major oil and gas companies as well as independents seeking to improve knowledge capture and sharing among their E&P asset teams. The solution ‘documents crucial decision-making steps’ in an E&P project with a combination of graphical screen captures with associated text and annotation. Through publishing in a Web format, critical expertise can be rapidly distributed and mined across the enterprise as part of a corporate intranet or shared with partners and external experts via a secure extranet.


Landmark president and CEO John Gibson says, “OpenJournal enables business units to leverage expertise and enhance group productivity and team collaboration. Easy sharing via the Web builds increased understanding and confidence in E&P analysis and decision. When used with OpenWorks and our recently developed Web OpenWorks, clients have a streamlined workflow of capturing, preserving and sharing knowledge.”


OpenJournal2 was released earlier this year with enhancements and integration with Petroleum Place Connect. When used with OpenWorks and Web OpenWorks (wOW), OpenJournal2 is a powerful knowledge-sharing tool, capable of multi-user editing, free text search and project management. An upgrade is planned for early 2002, with improved formatting, exporting and integration with documenting tools in Web OpenWorks. More from

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