HalLink to Africa

SAIC is to extend HalLink, Halliburton’s communications backbone, to link African operations in Nigeria, Angola and Algeria.

One battlefront in the slugging match between the oil and gas service behemoths is the degree to which services can be delivered ‘as advertised’ to remote parts of the world. Key to this is a secure, reliable communications network. Halliburton Energy Services (HES) has extended its high-speed satellite communications network, HalLink, into Angola, Nigeria, and Algeria. HalLink is already operational in the Americas.


HES president Jody Powers said “The extension of HalLink into Africa is a key component of Halliburton’s Real Time Reservoir Solutions strategy that integrates people, technology, and processes to improve the speed and quality of reservoir development decisions.” HalLink links field operations to Halliburton’s real time centers and visualization rooms at the customer’s office. In Angola, the HalLink network is now available for both onshore and offshore operations, with units mounted on two stimulation vessels – the Falcon Tide and the War Admiral.


HalLink system was designed and deployed by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and includes specially-designed, stabilized, skid-mounted, quick-deploy communications units for use on semi-submersible rigs and other floating structures.

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