New GMI Imager functionality

GMI’s well bore imager package extends support for data formats and enhances 3D ‘Virtual Core’ functionality.

GeoMechanics International (GMI) has released a new version of its GMI Imager well bore image analysis package. Imager 4.5 offers access to all types of wellbore image data and provides measurement and classification tools required for
geomechanics, structural, and formation evaluation applications of image analysis. Version 4.5 adds new import functions for image data in DLIS, LIS, ALT’s OBI-40 optical tool and FAC-40 acoustic logs. All image data importers have been redesigned for ease of use.

Virtual Core

The virtual core 3D View has been enhanced with a three-dimensional depiction of borehole wall topography. Characteristics such as the polygon count and surface exaggeration may be customized by the user. Enhanced printing options include versatile report and hard copy design. Tadpole and caliper plots may now be printed. Roll paper printing has also been added and Halliburton EMI color schemes are now available.

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