Roxar’s Rendering record

VoxelVision’s Voxel Space Interpretation offers high performance volumetric visualization on commodity hardware.

Norwegian VoxelVision is claiming a record in volume rendering with over 100 million voxels per second on a single CPU. The test was performed on a 1.3 GHz Pentium 4 processor with a Diamond FIRE GL3 graphics card. No additional hardware was used. A 21.5 by 32.8 km North Sea 3D dataset was loaded, and rendered in less than 3 seconds.

Under $5000

With a hardware cost under US$ 5000, VoxelVision claims unmatched price-performance. A new interpretation tool - Voxel Space Interpretation (VSI) was released at the EAGE.


Ola Fjeld, VoxelVision MD believes that established vendors suffer from the need to be ‘backward-compatible’ with outdated ideas. “There is no longer any place for traditional line by line interpretation, The future is visual. The race between Intel and AMD has turned the PC into a high performance number-cruncher. Our software is designed to utilize this platform to the maximum extent.”

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