DrillWorks joins Open Spirit platform

An interface to the OpenSpirit integration platform means that KSI’s DrillWorks geopressure software can access data from multiple sources.

Stafford, Texas-based Knowledge Systems, Inc. (KSI) has announced that its geopressure software DrillWorks is now compatible with the OpenSpirit framework. Users can now import, export and dynamically share data for the DrillWorks applications from a wide variety of sources and platforms including Landmark’s OpenWorks and GeoQuest’s Geoframe databases. Any combination of data from wireline, MWD/LWD, seismic, mudlogging and other sources can be used to create a pre-drill geopressure prognosis in Drillworks.


KSI president, Jim Bridges said, “We have observed that data collection from multiple sources often requires as much as 80% of the time and cost to make a geopressure or geomechanics analysis in DrillWorks. The OpenSpirit framework substantially reduced this time, making it possible to consider more cases and permutations. While DrillWorks is the market leading software for these applications, it’s value is greatly enhanced by utilizing this advanced distributed data objects technology.”


OpenSpirit is an integrated, ‘vendor-neutral’ platform for inter-domain communication. OpenSpirit is owned by Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, and Schlumberger.

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