Accenture to implement Kalido

Accenture has bought into Kalido and will henceforth offer systems integration services around Shell’s data mining software.

Accenture has taken an undisclosed equity position in Shell Services spinoff Kalido. Kalido (see PDM Vol. 6 N° 2) provide data mining and management information systems to global corporations. Kalido lets users access information, ‘without the risks associated with large-scale integration projects.’ The Kalido and Accenture alliance will offer organizations a single view of disparate information in Finance, CRM, Marketing etc.


Accenture partner Stewart Clements said, “Our clients rely on business intelligence and data warehousing solutions to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. They need solutions to improve information flow and integration. Kalido integrates operational and business information while ensuring data consistency.”


Kalido CEO Andy Hayler adds, “By teaming with a top-flight consultancy such as Accenture we are able to provide truly innovative solutions to meet the information integration needs of our customers and help them gain an edge over their competitors.”

Shell Oil

Kalido was awarded Information Management’s ‘Best Data Warehousing Project of the Year 2000’ for a strategic European-wide project in Shell Oil Products. More from

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