New data model for Geoshare

Geoshare, the data exchange organization, has released a new version of its API RP-66 based upstream data model.

Geoshare has released version 13 of its data model. Geoshare is used to move data from one application to another by way of software ‘half-links,’ which transform application-specific data formats into a vendor-neutral data model.


The latest version of the Geoshare data model enhances the checkshot and synthetic seismic models, provides support for the new fluid sample and analysis model and adds new attributes to well deviation surveys and the zone model. Geoshare is built upon the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 66 data exchange format.


A great resource for users of the API RP66 data model and Geoshare is available on the GeoQuest website at RP 66 and Geoshare toolkits are available along with a digital geology model assembly tool kit. This research prototype, written in Perl/TK, takes comma-delimited location data from geologic outcrop measurements and creates OpenInventor and VRML files that can be used as analogs for reservoir characterization.

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