Flow modeling from reservoir to facility

Baker Jardine and Hyprotech are jointly developing software to allow simultaneous computer modeling of production and process facilities. Asset performance improvements of up to 12% have been recorded.

Baker Jardine and Hyprotech are are integrating software products to build what they claim will be the first fully integrated production system model. The first product of the alliance combines Baker Jardine’s Pipesim 2000 simulation software with Hyprotech’s Hysys Process simulation tool, facilitating modeling from well completion through to production facility.


A number of Pipesim well, or pipeline flow models can be embedded in Hysys Process to build a production system model that maximizes production rates from wells connected to a production and process system. Process simulation ensures on-spec production, while the hydraulic simulator determines maximum well deliverability. Benefits of up to 12 percent in improved asset performance are claimed.


Baker Jardine MD Alan Baker said, “The combination of production and process simulation, using tools with which each side of the industry is familiar, will provide information for design and operation options that has never been available before.”


Wayne Sim, CEO of Hyprotech, added “This shows how an effective alliance can combine two best-of-breed technologies into higher value offerings. Both companies share a vision of lifecycle simulation which dramatically increases production and reduces the cost of model ownership through shared software components.”


The next development is to integrate the Pipesim 2000 Network Module, BJ’s Field Planning Tool and Prodman with Hysys Process to further integrate field planning tools. Hyprotech, a subsidiary of AEA Technology, has 1500 clients throughout the world.

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