Fakespace sales

FakeSpace reports sales of its ConCave and RAVE Virtual Reality systems.

Fakespace has sold a ConCave visualization system (PDM Vol. 5 N° 5) to Petrobras. The deal includes an ImmersaDesk R2 stereoscopic display driven by a Silicon Graphics Onyx2. Originally developed by Phillips Petroleum Co. (PPCo), the ConCave is an alcove-type display that projects seismic data onto a curved back wall and flat floor. Phillips have installed 5 concave displays at locations around the world.


Fakespace has also developed ‘Avignon,’ an interactive 3D mapping API for the conCave. Avignon will be available to oil and gas software developers later this year. PPCo senior principal research geophysicist Dennis Neff said “We are pleased that Fakespace Systems is making Phillips’ technical innovations commercially available.”.


Fakespace has also sold a RAVE system to Norwegian research institute NTNU, in what is claimed as the first non-military use of RAVE. NTNU will use the device in its Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics, financed by Norsk Hydro.

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