Chevron expands e-business

Chevron ASP provider UpstreamInfo is to augment its services to include asset management with technology from The Information Store.

UpstreamInfo, the e-business portal set up by Chevron last year is now providing ‘asset management services’ to Chevron and its affiliates.


UpstreamInfo president Glenn Breed explained, “Chevron has expanded its use of our services and technology. Our business solutions address activities such as producing property rationalization, acquisitions and divestitures and mergers and acquisitions. Our software also addresses production-related activity such as workovers, production allocation and reporting as well as economics, HSE, and other industry workflows.


Our intranet-based solutions get the work done, on demand, anytime, anywhere.” Asset Management Solutions use The Information Store’s PetroTrek business solutions, used by major petroleum companies for over five years.

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