Qatar Petroleum and Shell move to global e-procurement

Qatar Petroleum and Shell International have both implemented online systems for desktop e-procurement.

Shell has selected SAP’s e-procurement system SAPMarkets and has contracted SAP to synchronize its heterogeneous back-end systems. Shell will use the Enterprise Buyer e-procurement system across all its businesses and MarketSet will be deployed as a private exchange, integrating procurement activities.


Shell MD Harry Roels said, “Shell will use this technology to make e-procurement transactions through the oil industry exchange Trade-Ranger. E-procurement will deliver substantial benefits through greater transparency, better information, increased efficiency and standardization.”


SAP executive board member Peter Zencke adeed, “For many years SAP has been committed to providing Shell with the best IT solutions to help them stay competitive and run their business well. One of the greatest challenges in business today is the lack of integration among hundreds of independent IT systems.


SAP and SAPMarkets are the only companies that can deliver this level of integration, and we remain committed to Shell’s continued leadership and success as it executes its e-business strategy.”

Qatar Petroleum

In a separate announcement, Qatar Petroleum (QP) chairman and Minister for Energy, Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah has launched a new Intranet for use by over 5000 QP employees. The Intranet facilitates QP’s commercial business, and now offers on-line procurement.

700 orders per month

Current QP procurement activity is valued at QR 250 million, with some 700 orders placed month. The system lets QP employee place orders from the desktop and offers workflow capability with procurement forms, and approvals routed to suppliers by email.


The system also provides control over order documentation, material specification, order confirmation and approval. Order tracking lets QP employees follow the fulfillment process on-line through to delivery.

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