CGM debugger from SDI

SDI has released a ‘WYSIWYG’ computer graphics metafile debugger - CGM Scope.

System Development Inc. (SDI) has released CGM Scope – a tool for analyzing and debugging Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) images. CGM Scope provides a ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) verification of CGM files, and generates a listing of the graphical elements in the file. CGM Scope also tests for best practice conformance and provides automated error flagging.


CGM Scope supports the ISO CGM 1992 standard (Versions 1 to 4), and specific industry profiles: Petroleum (CGM+, CGM PIP), Air Transport (CGM ATA) and U.S. Government (CGM CALS).


CGM Scope is a diagnostic utility for programmers, system administrators, publishers, and end users of CGM files. These can be time-consuming to diagnose, slow application development, and delay technical support and inter-vendor problem resolution.


SDI president Forrest Carpenter alliterates, “With a total commitment to providing the best products possible and the most comprehensive service program in the industry, we guarantee that every project we undertake will be painless plotting personified.”


CGM Scope allows for zoom and pan, supports overlapping objects and object mode selection with auto-scrolling of CGM listing and runs on HP, IBM, SGI, and SUN. More from

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