Geochem database now live

After some delays, Robertson’s Geochemical Information Repository is finally online. The worldwide database initially focuses on exploration data.

Working with Houston-based associates Infologic Inc. and Baseline DGSI, Robertson Research (yes, them again!) has announced the late arrival of the

Geochemical Information Repository (GIR). The GIR Global database stores geochemical project and interpretative data.


The database was finally launched, after some delay, at the AAPG this month. It is intended to be a “one-stop” data bank of worldwide petroleum geochemical data. Initially, information will be exploration-orientated with data types including seeps, source rocks and oils.

Cost- effective

The website will provide cost effective geochemical data delivery by providing time limited subscriptions for geographical areas that can be matched to project evaluation needs. The GIR is designed so that it can also host client’s proprietary data on the central server in a secure environment. Clients can merge their own data with GIR data, to better constrain interpretations.


Other features include map and query search engines and dynamic online interpretive reports including oil gravity distribution maps, palaeo-environmental cross-plots and maturity summary reports.

The GIR is Access, Excel and Map Objects IMS-enabled and the data model reflects Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) guidelines for delivery of geochemical data. More from

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