WellPlotML from Geologix

Geologix has released a new XML format for well log display, and also incorporates a new live log data browser in the latest release of GEO-View.

Geologix Limited has been working with other POSC members on an XML standard for cross-application, platform-independent well data sharing. Geologix managing director Samit Sengupta presented a draft of the new spec at the European POSC member meeting recently.


WellPlotML extends existing well log modeling languages, WellLogML and LogGraphicsML and paves the way for a collaborative environment where a user can publish well logs, with curve data in WellLogML and display parameters in LogGraphicsML.


Geologix will be deploying the new standards in its new Well Information Portal System (WIPS). The proposal is now available for review on www.geologix.com/publications.


In a separate announcement, Geologix has released version 4.5 of its GEO Software, and launched a new viewer application, GEOe-View. GEO-View runs as a plug-in for Internet Explorer, and offers access to Geologix’s GEO database. The browser offers dynamic access to log data in the database - a significant advantage when compared with static PDF or CGM log images. Log data values can be read by placing the mouse-pointer on a curve and scale or depth range can be changed at will. GEOe-View may be downloaded for free from the downloads sector of the Geologix website or at www.geologix.com/eview.

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