Data Access Protocol

GeoSoft’s new streaming technology offers online access to high volume datasets for Montaj users and, with the new free viewer, a wider public.

Geosoft has announced new data access technology, to be deployed in Oasis Montaj 5.0.8. The Data Access Protocol (DAP) enables transfer of high volume data from a designated DAP data server to an Oasis Montaj client over the Internet.


DAP uses streaming technology to transfer high-volume data and associated metadata. DAP is spatially aware and allows for user-specified spatial querying and retrieval. DAP provides localized data that matches the current Oasis Montaj map window and projection information.

Free Viewer

Geosoft has set up a public domain server offering free access to global topographic data at 1000 m resolution along with DNAG magnetic and gravity data for North America. PDM downloaded the free viewer (around 20MB) and tried out the software. We managed to make a gravity map of the San Francisco Bay Area in about 30 seconds, but for some reason, could not see the topo data. Moving over to France we quickly drafted topo maps at a variety of scales. All in all a seductive, albeit proprietary new technology.

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