Cartographic hardcopy from Petrolynx

A new version of Geodynamic Solutions’ Petrolynx enterprise GIS offers enhanced access to vendor datasets and cartographic quality printing from the web browser.

Geodynamic Solutions Inc., is to release a new version of its GIS software Petrolynx this summer. Petrolynx, a suite of browser-based products, can be used either over the Internet or corporate Intranet. Petrolynx Web Maps 2.0 offers the ability to print large scale, cartographic quality maps from the web browser. Base maps, seismic, leases, pipelines, and any other spatial data can be sent to hardcopy directly from the browser.


A map-based feature can be linked to a report in Petrolynx Reports. This now extends reporting capabilities to worldwide data including IHS Energy’s Petroconsultants IRIS, Geoquest’s Finder, and LandMark’s OpenWorks. Petrolynx Reports 2.0 also can be extended to access any relational database including commercial and proprietary data. Information can be linked back to a map in Web Maps.


Geodynamic VP Bruce Sanderson said “The addition of cartographic map output from Web Maps 2.0 delivers the most advanced browser-based mapping solution to the petroleum industry. Petrolynx’s browser-based tools enable everyone in the organization to access mission critical data from both a mapping and reporting perspective.”

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