Ovation buys LSSL

Ovation Data Services has acquired UK-based Large Scale Storage Solutions. The deal strengthens Ovation’s European presence and diversifies its industry base.

Houston-based Ovation Data Services is to acquire Large Storage Solutions Ltd. (LSSL) of the UK. Ovation is a systems integrator specialized in digital asset management for the seismic industry. LSSL is a data storage solutions company offering storage management systems to finance, manu-facturing, healthcare and petrochemicals.


Ovation general manager Gerald Johnson said, “This acquisition strengthens our European presence and enables us to expand into new markets.” LSSL MD Jim Dahnpaul added, “Ovation’s experience will complement our core competency of providing enterprise-wide storage management solutions.” LSSL’s solutions operate across multiple computing architectures in areas such as customer service, point-of-sale, order entry/inquiry, financial transactions, manufacturing, telemarketing and hospital/health care.


Last year LSSL partnered with Computer Associates to provide its customers with eTrust Intrusion Detection for Internet content control, auditing and attack detection.

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