Landmark to resell SCM fault package

Subsurface Computer Modeling’s “helper” applications for Z-Map are to be resold by Landmark.

Landmark has signed a deal with Subsurface Computer Modeling (SCM) to resell SCM’s Suite of Z-Map “helper” applications. SCM Suite complements and extends Z-Map with enhanced surface modeling and framework building.


Landmark president John Gibson said, “This cooperative working relationship gives customers access to the SCM Fault Modeling Procedures as well as other applications in the SCM Suite.”

SCM Suite applications are workflow based and extend Z-Map Plus with solutions for modeling complex faulted reservoirs. These models can be rapidly updated and provide the framework model required as input to Landmark’s Stratamodel 3-D geocellular modeling application.


SCM president Mack Olson added, “Z-Map Plus and Stratamodel users will be able to integrate SCM Suite methods into their workflow, enhancing the quality of the resulting framework models and geologic interpretations.” SCM Suite provides both normal and reverse fault modeling, automated volumetrics and management tools for Z-Map Plus projects. It also extends Z-Map Plus’ macro parsing functionality with saved parameters. An extensive set of utility programs and macros add to the Z-Map Plus user’s ability to handle complex mapping issues encountered daily.

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