Merak rolls out 2001 vintage economics

Merak Projects has announced new versions of its economics software PetroDesk and Value Management. Better integration of software components, usability and the use of Microsoft Excel as calculation engine are featured.

Calgary-based Schlumberger unit Merak Projects has released new versions of its economics software Value Management and PetroDesk. The new release of Value Management introduces new versions of Peep economics, Decline, Capital Planning, VOLTS and Decision Tree.


Lance Hogarth, Merak Value Management director said, “The core focus of the 2001 Value Management suite is usability and functionality as well as better product integration.” Decision Tree now offers Excel as a calculation engine in addition to Peep, within the Visual Monte Carlo module. Clients can now use the scripting calculation engine to solve custom problems. VMC and Monte Carlo, embedded in Peep, now allow tracking of probabilistic time series, such as cash flow or production.

PetroDesk 2001

The 2001 release of PetroDesk offers engineers new opportunities for comparison, data aggregation, and data presentation. PetroDesk Product Manager Todd Olsen said, “Usability and visualization are improved in the 2001 release and other enhancements include list functionality, flexible query, a new layer management pane and color-filled contour maps. Information is now more accessible and intuitive to the user.” The enhanced list allows users to group together records that share a common value or symbol, and display summarized information for these groups. The new “active legend” Layer Management Pane lets users manage and manipulate maps from a single location.


PetroDesk’s Query tool now boasts added flexibility so that information can be aggregated from multiple data sources. An improved Query dialog box, enhanced Editing feature with drag and drop and the Query Elements Tree provide the ability to locate attributes used to build a given scenario.

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