Landmark demos ASP

Landmark demonstrated its Application Service Provision (ASP) offering at the AAPG this month.

Landmark Graphics unit GrandBasin demonstrated its Application and Data Service Provision at the AAPG this month. As revealed in last month’s PDM, GrandBasin is now a wholly-owned Landmark company.


Dave Lesar, president and chairman of parent group Halliburton said “GrandBasin is going to change the way the E&P industry works by enabling knowledge workers to access the applications, data and information they need in real time.”


Landmark president and CEO John Gibson added, “You've seen a flurry of activities around GrandBasin in recent months, and we're signaling the market to watch this space for even more to come. We believe the industry is ready for a single-source, full-service provider of Web-enabled applications, data and information.” The AAPG proof of concept demonstrations offered E&P knowledge workers “anywhere, anytime access” to applications, data and information for real-time decision making.

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