DTI Well Header XML proposal

The UK DTI and POSC are heading an industry initiative to develop an XML standard for well header information.

Key players in the North Sea oil industry are to collaborate on the development and implementation of standards for exchanging basic well data over the web. Senior representatives from BP, Shell, Esso, Conoco, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Paradigm, CDA, DTI and POSC met recently to develop and implement an XML standard for well data in the North Sea within three months.


Paul Maton, European Director of POSC said “The frustration across the oil industry of not being able to easily and unambiguously identify wells hides a large consequential cost. The global oil industry, from oil and service companies to data vendors, needs standards in these areas to realize the full potential of e-business.”


Stewart Robinson, IT Director at the DTI Oil and Gas Directorate, stressed, “This is not an attempt to railroad the industry to adopt UK standards. The close-knit nature of the UK oil community makes the UK an ideal test bed for these emerging standards. We are working with POSC to globalize the solution and I am in contact with many other interested governments around the world.”

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