EDS teams with Vertex in Calgary oil patch

EDS Canada and Vertex System Resources are teaming to provide financial, land and contract software applications to the Calgary market.

EDS Canada and Vertex System Resources have announced outsourcing and consulting services for the Canadian oil patch. The new offering will combine EDS Canada’s information technology services with Vertex’s vertical oil and gas software. Vertex software focuses on the financial, land and contractual aspects of oil and gas production, and its tools have been used for upstream property management for 23 years.


EDS Canada VP Andy Boettcher said, “This comprehensive set of services will help Canada’s oil and gas companies manage their resources with more efficiency.”


Vertex president Robert Cheadle added, “Producers have been searching for quality business solutions from a long-term, stable supplier dedicated to the industry. Vertex and EDS can now deliver the products and services most sought after by industry leaders.” The EDS and Vertex agreement covers business processes and integrated data capabilities in the field of exploration and geosciences, land and contracts management, engineering and production, capital project management, field data capture, asset management, and back-office information management.


EDS will deliver these services both through a traditional client-server model and with Web-based, Application Service Provision (ASP).

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