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Halliburton has teamed with Vertex Petroleum Systems to provide quick-look reservoir modeling by subscription in an Application Service Provision mode.

Halliburton Energy Services has formed a strategic alliance with Vertex Petroleum Systems (VPS) to offer Application Service Provision-based (ASP) remote, ongoing reservoir modeling and analytical services to the petroleum industry. The new service offering will be an integral part of the Reservoir Focus platform of Halliburton’s Real Time Reservoir Solutions (RTRS). The new service, RPF-Online, will be available to oil and gas operators on a per well subscription basis exclusively through Halliburton.


Subscribers enter well, production, and reservoir data via a secure extranet and Halliburton will build a reservoir model that will be used for history match, predictive analysis and production forecasts. These will be updated on a “rolling” basis every month. The RPF-Online service lets operators evaluate and optimize reservoir exploitation options, such as new well locations, spacing plans, completion methods, fracture parameters, production potential for new wells, and their economic impact.


HES president Jody Powers said, “Not all operators can afford to have fully loaded reservoir evaluation teams internally, with this new service, Halliburton offers a low cost subscription service that enables operators to continuously monitor, adapt, and optimize reservoir development, regardless of size or location.”


Englewood-based Vertex’s Simplified Well, Area and Reservoir Modeling (SWARM) technology enables the rapid building and processing of predictive reservoir models. More from

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