GX Tech and Scott Pickford team

GX Technology and Scott Pickford are collaborating on integrating pre-stack depth migration with AVO, coherency and other attribute analysis.

GX Technology (GXT) is partnering with Core Lab unit Scott Pickford to combine seismic processing technologies aimed at producing geologically calibrated depth images. GXT will apply its prestack Kirchhoff, or wave equation depth migration technology, to produce ‘high fidelity,’ amplitude-preserved depth images.


These will be input into Scott Pickford’s processes such as AVO, Coherence Cube processing, attribute analysis and core-to-seismic calibration. The result, a geologically calibrated seismic depth volume and subsurface description, including lithology, fluid and fracture prediction.


GXT president Mick Lambert says, “The ability to produce high quality depth images, constrained by the geology, will give our clients a more thorough and accurate subsurface description.”


Chris Cottam, VP of Reservoir Management for Core, adds “Scott Pickford and GXT will help clients extract more value from their seismic, geologic and engineering data. This will enable them to reduce significantly E&P risk and ultimately increase hydrocarbon production from their reservoirs.”


GXT is also to leveraging its latest processing technologies, Optimus - wave equation prestack depth migration and PrimeTime - Kirchhoff prestack time migration. These services are now available through service centers in Houston, Calgary, London and Jakarta through GXT’s ASP offering ‘BLink E-Service.’

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