Wellogix releases new e-commerce tools

Wellogix has augmented its T2B software component offering and is to provide infrastructure to e-procurement specialist Trade Ranger.

Wellogix, developer of business to technical software components such as E-Field tickets, (see PDM Vol. 5 N° 10) has announced a new set of tools for drilling workflow enhancement. The new components are aimed at streamlining relationships between oil companies and providers of complex products and services.


COO Robert Bodnar said “We address three main issues in this release. The Collaboration Manager and Technical Response packages improve communication between suppliers and customers. The Universal Service Request and Work Order templates let oil company engineers and field representatives communicate quickly with service providers, when requesting simpler services demanding fast turnaround. The new Well Configuration templates give oil companies tools for one-time data entry, and the creation of electronic, virtual well files.”


Wellogix has signed an exclusive software licensing and joint-development agreement with e-commerce hub Trade Ranger to facilitate online collaboration and procurement of ‘tailor-made’ goods and services. These are said to represent over 60 percent of the buying and selling activity in the energy and petrochemical industries. CEO Claire Farley believes that Trade Ranger is the industry destination for online procurement.

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