Hampson-Russell’s new software

The 2001 release of Hampson-Russell’s software includes a new product for time lapse seismic analysis. A port to Windows is now complete.

Hampson-Russell Software (HRS) has announced the 2001 release of its AVO, STRATA, EMERGE and eLOG products. HRS is also re-launching its ISMap mapping package and rolling-out a brand new product, PRO4D for time-lapse seismic analysis. New features include the addition of elastic and S-impedance (lambda-rho-mu) inversion in STRATA, 3D systematic pre-stack modeling in AVO, Geoframe links in the Geoview log database. HRS has also completed a two year port of its software to Windows 98,NT and 2000.


The new PRO4D tool provides an integrated framework for fluid substitution and rock physics, seismic modeling and calibration, along with matching and comparison of seismic volumes. PRO4D also has seismic interpretation and attribute extraction capabilities, volumetric analysis, for 2D and 3D data.


The tool can also be useful in matching and rebinning where one survey is joined to another for analysis. Forward modeling of acoustic changes can be achieved with Batzle-Wang for fluid properties, Biot-Gassmann for fluid substitution or with Kuster-Toksöz modeling. More from www.hampson-russell.com.

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