Secure extranet helps BP Alaska

Aventail’s proxy technology and secure managed extranet is helping move BP Alaska’s OilNet to the internet.

BP Exploration Alaska created OilNet as a means of working with external service providers of a range of goods and services from engineering through procurement to IT. As OilNet grew, BP sought to scale the original network architecture of leased lines and dial-up access to meet the increased demand. Managing the system had become costly and inefficient so BP looked to leverage the power of the Internet to provide flexibility and scale while ensuring that security was maintained.


With Aventail Net’s managed service, BP Exploration was able to harness the Internet as an effective, scalable foundation for OilNet. On top of the basic connectivity of the Internet, Aventail adds heightened levels of security, reliability, manageability, and support. Leased lines and dial-up access are no longer required, and support, maintenance, and infrastructure costs are reduced. OilNet users within North America now have a direct link to file browsing, intranet and Internet access, and to applications required for conducting business with BP, usable over any Internet connection.


Richard Ames, Director of Digital Business with BP Exploration said “Our IT department still has control and final accountability, but it is no longer mired in the minutiae of day-to-day network operations. The Aventail Net managed service lets our IT employees focus on adding value to the business.” Aventail’s solution leverages proxy server technology, digital certificates and is claimed to reduce the ‘finger pointing’ that comes from multi-vendor solutions.

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