Petrosilicon’s Indian marketplace

India now has its own business to business e-marketplace - The oil and gas e-commerce hub is set to facilitate petroleum transactions in the region.

The Petrosil Group has just announced a new business to business (B2B) digital marketplace for the Indian oil industry. Petrosilicon members are predominantly Asia-based, including some of the largest oil companies in the region. Petrosilicon plans to create a real-time information base and trading hub.


The site will facilitate all aspects of buying, selling and trading of crude oil, petroleum and specialty products on-line. The site features ‘Petrolog’ a catalog of products and services and a communications channel for requests for information and quotes. Added-value services include career services, industry reports, newsletters, tenders and online updates. Future plans include auctions and reverse auctions of key services.


Petrosilicon CEO Riaz Lawyer said “Our primary objective is to take physical petroleum trading to the web, making the process efficient, real-time, and collaborative. We recognized that the Internet’s ability to distribute information securely and globally, in real-time, could enhance what had previously been a labor-intensive, disjointed, and inefficient process. We are building a comprehensive communications gateway on the Web for petroleum trading.” More from

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