Tigress left on table in PGS sale

Landmark did not acquire PGS’ Tigress software suite. Tigress MD David Sullivan tells PDM of his plans for a major re-launch of the integrated interpretation suite.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, and to our report (PDV Vol. 5 N° 12), Tigress was not included in the sale of PGS Data Management to Landmark. The integrated interpretation software suite was taken out of the sale during due diligence and now remains within PGS. Tigress MD David Sullivan about PGS’ plans. “For the last 4 years, Tigress was subsumed into the DPGS Data Management Group.


Now, Tigress is to stand in its own right as software vendor. PGS has spent a lot developing the seismic facet of Tigress. It is now used on all PGS acquisition crews for onboard QC so there is a significant internal market for Tigress - 40% of world seismics is QC'd on Tigress. Tigress is to be re-launched and promoted as a low cost, performant system. Significant performance gains have been reported since the software was ported to UNIX (an order of magnitude speedup over Solaris on a laptop). Tigress is sold in 40 countries, where it is considered as tight and mature software.


Price performance will be a selling point – and we are keen to attack the ASP marketplace (Tigress is currently on trial with GeoNet). ASP will let us target the consultants’ marketplace. Tigress maintains its niche as an oilfield-centric tool, now extended to allow Access and SQL query. Other plans are to extend the Petrobank ASCII (PBASCII) - developed for Shell and Agip - with XML. Tigress’ re-launch will emphasize ties to other vendors like Volumetrix, Petrel and Cube.


PGS has been reworking Tigress’ legacy code which is now all C++. Incidentally, Landmark did acquire a license to the source code of Tigress Import Export System (TIES) to allow data I/O with PetroBank from Open Works. TIES was originally developed with Shell and also interoperates with GeoFrame and Paradigm. We are now working with Open Spirit to leverage the work done on TIES.”

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