Williams, Aker join Trade Ranger

The online marketplace Trade Ranger has signed service companies Williams Energy and Aker Maritime. Trade Ranger claims to be ‘moving toward liquidity’ - which is definitely not the case for its recently defunct competitor PetroCosm.

Tulsa-based Williams Energy Services and Norwegian Aker Maritime have signed with the internet-based marketplace Trade Ranger. Williams is a $6.3 billion enterprise that provides ‘traditional and leading edge’ energy products and services.

North Sea

The addition of Aker Maritime is described as a strategic fit in one of Trade-Ranger’s key geographic focus areas. The North Sea is an advanced market for oil and gas exploitation with many global energy companies and suppliers engage in a significant number of transactions.


Trade-Ranger CEO Claire Farley said “Aker Maritime joining is a big win for Trade-Ranger. As we move toward liquidity, we are focused on strategic geographic locations that channel our efforts and produce results quickly. Aker Maritime’s reputation and operating expertise in Norway will prove extremely beneficial to all of Trade-Ranger’s members.”


Sverre Skogen, CEO of Aker Maritime added, “Our ability to interact more effectively with customers, partners and suppliers through web-based applications will help us supplement our product range and improve our work processes.”

Royal Dutch Shell, BP, TotalFinaElf, Conoco, Oxxy, Phillips, Repsol, Unocal and Statoil set up trade Ranger in 2000. They were joined by Italian ENI earlier this year. Trade-Ranger deploys Commerce One’s MarketSite e-commerce technology. Trade Ranger operates in what remains a difficult environment as witnessed by the demise of competitor PetroCosm, another online marketplace founded last year by Chevron and Texaco.

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