Paradigm acquires GeoScene from Oilfield

Oilfield Systems has sold its GeoScene geological cross section software to Paradigm Geophysical.

Paradigm Geophysical has acquired the GeoScene product suite and related customer services from Oilfield Systems. GeoScene provides geological tools for surface, fault and zonal correlation, cross section definition, structural model building and surface mapping.


Paradigm Chairman and CEO Eldad Weiss, said, “ The integration of the GeoScene product suite, with its development and support team, into Paradigm’s global operations will strengthen Paradigm’s comprehensive offering in geological interpretation.”


GeoScene allows users to define hierarchical zones based on lithology, stratigraphy or any other facies scheme. Zones can be correlated and assigned properties for calculation or for export to reservoir mapping and modeling systems. Faults and unconformities can be picked and exported to mapping packages. GeoScene’s ability to handle horizontal wells led to significant cost savings during Shell’s development of the North Sea Kingfisher field (see PDM Vol. 3 N° 12).

150 clients

The installed base of close to 150 licenses is mostly in the North Sea, Middle East and Canada, and includes major oil companies and leading independent oil and gas producers.

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