Nine VR centers for Shell

Shell International E&P has ordered nine large-scale immersive visualization centers from Trimension Systems.

Shell International Exploration and Production (SIEP) has ordered no less than nine large-scale visualization centers from UK-based Trimension Systems. The centers will be located Holland, Oman, New Orleans, Houston, Aberdeen and Sarawak, with delivery scheduled for the end of the third quarter 2001.


SIEP’s Visualization Centers are based on Trimension’s R2 Designer “Reality Rooms.” The R2 is a 12 ft radius curved screen, with 3 CRT projectors offering an environment for 35 viewers, or 8, with full immersion. The Visualization Centers have been commissioned to aid SIEP’s subsurface interpretation effort. The Houston center boasts an eight meter wide screen and deploys SIEP’s proprietary seismic interpretation software ‘123DI’.


SIEP interpretation applications manager Rob Leslie said “Trimension’s edge blending is world-class, enabling the very high resolution displays which are vital for this work. Trimension has also worked very closely with us to develop cost-effective solutions that will enable us to fulfill Shell’s vision of collaborative workflows across sites in different parts of the world.”


“The positive impact of VR technology has been demonstrated repeatedly in the acceleration of business decisions. Subsurface is just the beginning, we are currently investigating numerous additional areas where we feel visualization technology will have a positive impact on our business.” Other Trimension oil and gas clients include Texaco, Exxon and Magic Earth. More from

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