Schlumberger acquires Baker Jardine

Schlumberger Information Solutions is to acquire production engineering consultants and software developer Baker Jardine.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) unit GeoQuest is to acquire Baker Jardine and Associates (BJA), a London-based petroleum engineering firm. BJA is a provider of IT consulting and integrated solutions focused on increasing oil and gas production. BJA also develops and markets the PipeSim and ProdMan software tools.


PipeSim offers integrated production system modeling from reservoir to processing facilities, including simulation of multiphase flow through well and pipeline systems. PipeSim has links to reservoir and process simulators. Typical uses include conceptual studies, pipeline and surface production equipment design, well design, nodal analysis, gas and ESP lift design. ProdMan (Production Manager) enhances oilfield profitability by surveillance, optimization and automation.


BJA MD Alan Baker said “With the ability to diagnose individual wells, analyze production constraints and optimize production flow, our clients have been able to extract three to 15 per cent more oil from their existing wells. Now our clients will gain access to Schlumberger’s global service infrastructure, to benefit from an ongoing commitment to world-class R&D and to see further integration with leading products such as Finder, Eclipse, OFM and Peep.”

500 clients

BJA claims 500 clients worldwide including Shell, BP, Exxon, PDVSA, Pemex, Texaco and Saudi Aramco.

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