Kelman enters US data market

Kelman Technologies has won its first data management contract in the US - for Houston-based Cymraec Exploration Inc.

Houston-based Cymraec Exploration Inc. has awarded Kelman Technologies’ Data Management and Archiving Division a contract (valued at $ US 1.2 million) to manage several thousand miles of Cymraec’s 2D seismic data. The contract calls for KTI Data Management to clean, organize and store the data utilizing KTI’s storage and retrieval technology. The KTI-developed technology is a high capacity storage system that allows for online, real time access to seismic data using high-speed fiber optic data transfer. This project marks the entry of KTI Data Management into the US market.


Kelman’s data management technology is centered on the DMASS Archive, a hardware and software solution built around a high-end IBM robotics system. Browsing technology from StrataWeb is used for front-end GIS access to data. The DMASS system won an award for IT excellence in 1999. More from

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