Merak Release 2001

Merak has announced new versions of its Value Management and Petroleum Desktop suites. A new database security model has been introduced into Volts.

Merak is releasing the 2001 flavor of its Value Management and Petroleum Desktop 2001 suites. The latest release of Value Management includes enhancements to Capital Planning, Peep and Volts. Portfolios can now be optimized in terms of timing and a ‘Base Business’ portfolio can be defined as those projects that are considered core. Portfolio performance can be compared against the base case.


Peep 2001 includes enhancements to its Real/Nominal function, simplifying the process of performing full-cycle economics. Historical data can be preserved as nominal (no inflation) and future data can be treated as real (inflation). The analytical capability of Peep is enhanced through new features such as the NPV Profile Chart – used to display NPV profiles for cases where more than one ROR is calculated.


Decline 2001 now links seamlessly to OFM wells allowing for transfer of historical and forecasted monthly production numbers. The economic case products tab can now be populated with data from a decline well or summary well.


Volts 2001 is the first of the Value products to have full application and database security models in place. Administrators can assign permissions to various objects within Volts and database security allows control over users logging onto database from Access and SQL Plus. More from

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