Smart Raster from A2D

A2D is licensing its exchange log data format for third party developers. The SmartRaster Interchange Format (SIF) is being deployed by Geographix, Neuralog, Digirule and GeoPlus.

A2D Technologies has released its SmartRaster Interchange Format (SIF) for licensing to third party developers. Originally developed for use with A2D’s SmartSection interpretation tool, the SIF will now be used by developers such as GeoPLUS, DigiRule, Neuralog and GeoGraphix as a standard data type for their image cross-section analysis software packages.


GeoPlus VP Bob Meyer said, “Users asked us to incorporate the SmartRaster technology into our application. We worked with A2D to develop the linkage using SIF, and can now batch import thousands of depth registered SmartRaster well log images directly into our software.”


A SmartRaster is an indexed, depth-calibrated black and white or color TIF file that includes posting capabilities for production-tests, tops, and other well-related data. The format is said to reduce costs and project time for companies using large volumes of well log data because it replaces the need to purchase and/or store hard-copy well logs.


William Ross, executive VP A2D and SmartSection’s creator added “By releasing our SIF to key industry application vendors, we are ensuring that many more geoscientists will reap the productivity gains of those currently using our technology.” More from

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