NeuraLog V4.0

The latest version of Neuralog’s digitizing software offers new tracing algorithms and customizable mnemonics dictionaries.

Neuralog has released a new version of its log vectorizing package. Neuralog Version 4.0 has been validated on Windows 2000 and Windows ME and incorporates a new tracing algorithm for a variety of trace symbologies. An auto-backup trace option simplifies tracing a curve with backup scales and provides color feedback as a visual check.

Curve Append

User-defined templates assist in appending LAS files and now the tool mnemonics dictionaries (available for Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Atlas tools) can be edited interactively to keep them current.

LAS enhanced

Other changes include an enhanced curve move option and new fields have been added to the well information panel to enable the user to export more information to their LAS files. More from

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