Stratamodel Geostatistics

Landmark has completed integration of the RC2 geostatistics module into its Stratamodel product.

Landmark has integrated geostatistics technology from Reservoir Characterization Research and Consulting, Inc. RC2 (a subsidiary of Veritas DGC) into its Stratamodel software. Stratamodel users can now perform geostatistical data analysis, create variograms and simulate data into Stratamodel attributes.


RC2 CTO Bill Bashore said, “Stratamodel has a long standing reputation in the industry for providing leading-edge 3-D modeling capabilities on faulted models. Now, the combination of property modeling of the RC2 module in Stratamodel brings the best of both worlds together in 3-D reservoir characterization techniques.”


The software performs geostatistical simulations of geological and reservoir properties in Stratamodel’s three-dimensional geocellular model. Simulation results can then be analyzed in RC2 to compare the results to the original input data. The new module will be provided by RC2 and marketed by Landmark.

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