Paradigm and PCI team

Paradigm Geophysical has teamed with Petrophysical Consulting Inc. to offer seismically-derived rock physical analysis for reservoir evaluation.

Paradigm Geophysical has signed an agreement with Petrophysical Consulting, Inc. (PCI) to provide integrated reservoir imaging and characterization services. The agreement augments current offerings of both companies by integrating seismic data analysis with rock physics.


Seismic reservoir characterization relates seismically-derived rock properties to volumetric information, such as porosity and lithology, and to fluid saturation and pore pressure. The new service agreement brings together Paradigm’s current Reservoir Characterization services and PCI’s Rock Physics Solutions.


Loz Darmon, Paradigm’s VP of Reservoir Studies said, “The agreement with PCI is consistent with Paradigm’s stated objective of providing the broadest range of best-of-class reservoir characterization services in the industry. Through the integration of PCI’s solutions and expertise in Rock Physics transformations, we are able to significantly augment our current reservoir characterization offerings in AVO, Seismic Inversion, Seismic Facies Classification, Pore Pressure Prediction and Petrophysical Analysis.”


PCI’s chief petrophysicist, Jack Dvorkin added “We see tremendous opportunities for the union of Paradigm and PCI’s technology and expertise and, as a result, significant risk reduction in transforming seismic data to reservoir properties. The integration of Rock Physics and Paradigm’s seismic reservoir images will provide our customers with increased levels of assurance and comfort when working with seismic to rock physics transformations and a better description and understanding of the reservoir.”

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