GeoSmith to develop XoX Shapes

Ex-XoX employees have formed GeoSmith to continue with development and maintenance of the Shapes geometrical engine.

Folowing its exit from the geoscience software market (PDM Vol. 5 N° 12), XoX has laid off all its staff in India and the US. XoX energy clients, notably GeoQuest, which uses the XoX technology in its modeling software, were left somewhat exposed. The situation was clarified this month with the formation, by former XoX employees, of GeoSmith Consulting Group. The new company will provide software engineering services for the development and support of geometric modeling software.


GeoSmith CEO, Randy Guetter told PDM “As a licensee and value-added reseller of Shapes technologies, GeoSmith will maintain, support, and develop services for current and prospective users of Shapes-based technologies and products.


The foundation of GeoSmith secures the technical resources necessary for the company not only to meet its contractual obligations, but also provides its customers with the top-quality support of the past as well as the services they need for the future. We fully intend to become the supplier of reference for users of geometric modeling software.” More from

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