New storage technology from IBM

IBM has announced new storage technology leveraging an internet version of the SCSI protocol.

IBM has announced a new range of storage networking products, including a new iSCSI network storage appliance. The new offering includes the industry’s first open NAS Gateway, IBM TotalStorage NAS 300G, which allows LAN-based clients and servers to interoperate with an existing Storage Area Network (SAN).


IBM researchers, working with CISCO, have adapted the SCSI commands used by hardware devices so that they would run on top of the Internet’s Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols. The new protocol, iSCSI has been submitted to the IETF storage standards body.


The IP Storage 200i is a high-performance, low-cost iSCSI storage appliance that connects users to pooled storage on the network. Other new products converge Ethernet/IP networks and SANs. The NAS 300G is a tuned file server that resides between LAN and SAN and can be used with a variety storage devices such as the IBM Enterprise Storage Server (codenamed Shark).

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